SuperStarDreamTeam is 86% done!

Hey, so I am half way done with the final area in SSDT and I did a few other little changes.

I made it so that now SSDT has hit-scan bullets. There is also bullet spread now. I added this system to the enemies too.
player shooting enemy

I changed the text system to be more customization. It will be a little harder to work with but I think it will be worth it.
England is my city

The last world is going to have different environments for each level. The first level was air ships. I think this level is pretty different to the other levels in the game.

The second level in this area is a “forest” I guess…

These levels didn’t take very long to make for having to make new textures for each one. I’m not really forcing myself to work on this anymore. I feel like this is making it go faster since I don’t get sick of it as much. Hopefully it wont be much longer until it is done. ❤