SuperStarDreamTeam is 72% Done

So, first of all. This took a lot longer that it should of! I didn’t work on SSDT much for a while. Second of all, I don’t have a lot of screenshots to show, because I used to upload gifs to a website that didn’t have very good gif Support. I used google plus to upload them there. I then used it for here too. I stopped uploading gifs to that website so I stopped uploading to google plus. I didn’t think of uploading stuff here though so I don’t have a lot of the gifs. So, next time I’ll remember to upload stuff to google plus.

Dragon Masked Robot Things
Dragon Enemy Things

Lava Thing
Lava Thing

Angry Bouncy Thing
Fire Spike Ball

So, I’m sorry about the big gap between update posts and the lack of cool stuff. I’ll try to make the next update post better ❤


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