About SuperStarDreamTeam

I realized a while ago that I never fully explained SuperStarDreamTeam. I decided that now would be a good time to write about the game and explain some things that may have not been clear.

All the Characters

When I started SSDT in August of 2015 I never thought I would be working on it for as long as I have been. It was supposed to be a practice game to help me work on making platformers.

A gif from a very early version of SSDT
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However, I am happy that this happened because my other project idea was not very good. The other idea I had was for a rouge-like. If I had worked on that it likely would have gotten lumped in with all the other indie rouge-likes that were being made at the time.
The game’s scope was decreased a few times near the beginning. The original idea was to have 8 areas in the game. Each area would have 2 boss fights. After I started working on the first boss fight I realized that this was too many boss fight and decided that 1 per area would be much easier.
The game also originally was inspired by Undertale. It was going to have the option to kill all the enemies or not kill any of the enemies in each level. I soon realized that this would be really hard to design levels for and there would be very little incentive for people to do either option.
SSDT takes a lot of inspiration from games such as Mario and Luigi series, Castle Crashers, and Chicken Sword. This can be seen in many of the boss fights and characters.

First boss fight
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I usually describe SSDT as a platformer/poor excuse for stealth game. I think this is a good explanation of it. A major mechanic of the game is its enemies. If they see you, you will likely die. This is because they shoot at you rapidly and can kill you in one shot.

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You must sneak around them and attack them from behind to get past them. The problem with this is that their A.I is about as complex as a Super Mario Goomba. They will not respond to you making a bunch of noise, seeing other enemies that are dead, or seeing muffin rockets flying at them. This was done to give them an amount of predictability.

Stoopid enemies
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You are very quick and agile in the game. You have the ability to double jump and climb onto wall. You can pick up items to help yourself get through the levels.

Parkour Skills
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The game will hopefully be released in late spring/early summer of 2017. The final game will contain 32 normal levels, a base area that changes throughout the game, and a secrete level.

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I am not sure about a price yet but it will not be very expensive. Until then you can play a small demo I made that contains the first two levels of the game. I also plan on frequently posting updates and other fun things about the game for now on.

Thank you for reading. To stay updated on SSDT you can go to my twitter where I frequently post update. I post larger updates on SSDT’s GameJolt and Itch.io pages. I have a website you can visit. It is not a very good website though.  I am going to try to keep up on it for now on. – Chippy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChippysMuffins
GameJolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/superstardreamteam/172930
Itch.io: https://chippymuffins.itch.io/superstardreamteam